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To the collective bank account of the congregation Katlakalns with the reference: "For the sustaining of the remembrance of R. Feldmanis" (or some other specific reference according to your own discretion) 
Bank account: LV56UNLA0002000701233
Reg.Nr. 90000303403; Ķekavas pag. Rīgas raj.LV-2111

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Evangelical Lutheran congregation Katlakalns

The collect of the commemoration day on the 28th of May 2008

Alvis Āboliņš

Uģis Brūklene

Irma Fejere-Rožukalne

Māris Greidāns

Aigists Pinka

Edgars Rumba

Agris Sprancmanis  

Juris Veidenieks

Māris Ziemelis


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If you have some articles about R. Feldmanis or some of his own articles which are not included in this homepage or some photographs about him, some memories or something else, which could be valuable and suitable, than please write to us on the E.mail:! Thank you for your responsiveness!  


  The purposes of this homepage are  
  • to enable the readers with the theological writings, prepared sermons, Bibles studies etc. of professor Roberts Feldmanis before all this stuff is summerized and published in a book; 
  • to invite the readers to supllement and to correct the information before it is printed in a book;
  • to summerize together in one place all the available materials about R.Feldmanis;
  • to attract the helpers and all who might be interested in this;
  • to collect the donations for this work;
  • to furnish publicly accesible information for everything what it has been done;
  • to make a contribution to the exploration and investigation of the history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia. 

Our intention is to summerize and to publish the compilation of the sermons and theological writings of Roberts Feldmanis. 
To make this possible there is necessary to do and to take into consideration the following:

  • There must be decrypt the R. Felmanis` voice record from the audio casettes (it must be entered into the computer in the text format).
  • There must be done the theological and philological edition of his works. 
  • The speech of R. Feldmanis and therefore also the text which should be edited are complicated.
  • The book must be prepared for the printing.
  • There must be considering the expenses of the printing works as well as the taxes.



For this homepage responsible are

Pastor, Dr. Theol. Guntis Kalme

Pastor, Mag. Theol.
Ilmārs Rubenis

Pastor. Mag. Theol. Māris Ziemelis

For the treatment of the sermons and Bible studies responsible is - Anda Briede

For the support and the work we thank 
Uldis Alpe, Anda Briede; Maija Bendorfa, Alma Bernharda, Elīna Bušmane, Artūrs Dzenis, Jānis Ginters, Ilze Gulbe, Anda Janovska, Voldemārs Lauciņš, Dace Lāže, Ainārs Lisovskis, Andrejs Paupers, Artūrs Raulmanis, Antra Rumba, Edvīns Rumba, Oskars Skrodelis, Jānis Šmits, Laima Ziemele, Juris.Ziemelis.   

For the photographs we thank
Pastor Helmut Brauer, Aina Muze, Pēteris Eriņš, Valija Klane, Valda Kupše, Aija Vaivare, Māris, the family Putniņš in Ķekava.


And we thank also  

 Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia


Lutheran Heritage Foundation


The Library of the Luther Academy and 

the Archiv of the Evangelcal Lutheran Church in Latvia.

   (Translated by Uldis Alpe)



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